Celo & Mysten Labs Work Together To Create The World’s Fastest EVM Chain And Grow Celo Into World Leader of Peer Transactions

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In collaboration with Mysten Labs, Celo aims to become the world’s fastest EVM chain

Celo Foundation

We’re thrilled to share that Mysten Labs will be joining the Celo ecosystem! Founded by Evan Cheng and leading distributed systems, programming languages, and cryptography experts who worked on the Diem blockchain, Mysten Labs is a new R&D lab that’s focused on creating the foundational infrastructure for Web3 developers. Through a multi-year joint partnership with the Celo Foundation, Mysten Labs will be a core contributor to the Celo Platform.

The first order of operation will be bringing the Narwhal and Tusk consensus innovations to Celo, which will help make the Celo platform the fastest EVM compatible blockchain.

Mysten will also add side-by-side Move Language support to the platform and migrate highly used Celo core contracts to Move — such as cUSD and cEUR tokens — to ensure that common operations on the platform can execute with extremely high throughput.

This collaboration is a significant milestone for furthering the usability and scalability of the Celo platform. The combination of Narwhal, Tusk, and Move has been shown to achieve throughput numbers in excess of 140K TPS with global network latencies, which will bring significant capacity to the Celo network.

When combined with Plumo, Celo’s ultralight client protocol, these changes will make Celo an even more scalable, decentralized platform where tens of thousands of full nodes can be incentivized (at the protocol level) to service hundreds of millions of light clients. This network topology will allow Celo to achieve Ethereum-like levels of decentralization, with the potential of Solana-like levels of performance.

Finally, another key part of this collaboration is Mysten’s work to add the KELP key recovery protocol to Celo. This will make it easier for Celo users to self-custody assets without the potential of losing keys.

We’re excited to be paving the way for the Celo platform to continue to grow with demand. This news is a big step toward making DeFi and Web3 applications more accessible to billions of mobile users.

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