CryptoPunks Vs CeloPunks | Limited Edition Celo Angel NFT AirDrop & New Token

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Celo has been making progress across the board; from helping textile makers in the Philippines to NFT creators & platforms worldwide. This DeFi token has immense scale and usability. We can’t wait to see how Celo continues to grow.

Updated: Jan 14

Can NFTs and cryptocurrencies make a change for a better world? CeloPunks, Ariswap, and CeloDaily accepted this challenge with the launch of the new CeloPunks Angel collection. CeloPunks and CeloDaily are planning to release the limited edition of CeloPunks on January 24. In this unprecedented campaign, the collection reflects the spirit of Celo’s mission, Prosperity for All, in its design and only 10 punks will be released. The auction will be held through Ariswap from January 24, and all proceeds will be donated to impactMarket, a decentralized poverty alleviation protocol built on Celo with the mission of being one of the main contributors to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030.

CeloPunks made angels

CeloPunks is the first pfp NFT project on Celo. Designed with unique Celo traits and colors, CeloPunks are 10k algorithmically generated NFTs living on Celo Blockchain. And it became the one of the most important NFT projects on Celo and its community is continuing to grow and expand. CeloPunks see that there is a social responsibility focus from all the ecosystem projects, under the #Prosperity4All motto, and they believe that NFTs in general are a great way to give back to the community and at the same time keep the community attached to the project.

Since the launch of project, CeloPunks also wanted to make a difference by supporting an honorable cause. We, part of CeloPunks, made some small personal donations, but we felt to do more. Thanks to an idea of CeloDaily, we decided to create a special CeloPunks Angels collection and donate all the revenue from this operation to the impactMarket protocol, to be distributed as UBI (Unconditional Basic Income) to thousands of vulnerable beneficiaries in 25 developing countries. NFTs contributing with the financial inclusion and empowerment of those who need the most.

Not always do Angels have wings and come from the sky. We decided to play a little with the Angel thematic to create a more diverse and inclusive set of CeloPunks, so everybody will be able to identify with them. Every character has a small story, and they are all handcrafted and animated with new traits created only for this 10 pieces collection. Who will own one of these NFTs will always have a super rare collection piece and a reminder of a wonderful and valuable action. On top of that, holders of this collection will get 10x more airdrop for the upcoming $CPUNK token!

Users will be able to bid through ARISWAP.CO. We will create a special link special to this auction.

About Ariswap

Ari Swap Corp. is a Decentralized Social Blockchain company with ARI NFT Marketplace at its core. People are always first, therefore, our foundations are driven for and by the community. As a result, we want to ensure that our social connectivity is the basis of the platform establishing an environment and setting where creators and collectors are not just connected by art and music.

Every step we take towards enhancing and expanding our organization is aimed to create social fun for social good since that is the pillar that sets us apart from the rest, aiding us to better our space and create a lasting impact in the world. Our purpose is to bring social fun for social good and prosperity for all. We strive to bring communities together through art and entertainment while paving a path for creators to grow and succeed. Whether you’re a first-timer or an expert in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we are building an environment for you to excel

About impactMarket

impactMarket is an open, free, censorship-resistant, and borderless impact-driven crowdfinance marketplace. The protocol distributes UBI (Unconditional Basic Income) to 136 vulnerable communities over the world, contributing to their basic needs, facilitating access to education and employment, and promoting financial inclusion and empowerment.

Recently, impactMarket launched its governance token $PACT, their DAO, and the impact Farming mechanism, rewarding with $PACT the donors who contribute with cUSD. In the future, impactMarket will also provide access to other financial services and education to people living in extreme poverty, consistently driving DeFi adoption and retention while changing the lives of those who need it the most.

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