Enhancing The Celo Foundation Board With New Members To Pave The Way For Future Growth And Sustainability.

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The Celo Foundation will be increasing the number of board members and having a rotating basis on which they serve. With NFTs, Gaming, and Lending all having applications in Web3, Celo is looking to the future.

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Welcoming New Board Members and An Open Call for Community Nominations

Last year we invited the Celo community to nominate candidates for the Celo Foundation board. In April, we officially announced Dick Parsons joining the Celo Foundation board as a result of that process. Today we are pleased to announce the addition of two new board members from our community, Jai Ramaswamy and Morgan Beller.

Jai first joined the Celo community in 2019 as the Chief Risk & Compliance Officer for cLabs, where he leveraged decades of experience in compliance and regulatory policy to identify and mitigate potential risks while helping to drive adoption of Celo. Prior to joining cLabs, Jai led enterprise risk management and anti-money laundering compliance organizations at Capital One and Bank of America, respectively. Before joining the private sector, Jai served for over a decade in the US Department of Justice in a variety of roles, including as Chief of the money laundering section, cybercrime prosecutor, and an Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

“The opportunity to help shape a promising, new technology and impact the development of an organization focused on using that technology to drive financial accessibility is what drew me to Celo. Through my work at cLabs, I have been privileged to witness first-hand the potential of this community and the impact it can have on the financially underserved. I’m honored to continue this work as a member of Celo’s board.”

As a co-creator of Libra and General Partner at NFX, Morgan Beller is perhaps one of the most widely recognized and influential voices in crypto today. Over the last 10 years Morgan has worked at many high profile companies, including Facebook, Medium, Andreessen Horowitz and eBay. She joined the Celo community as advisor to Celo in February of 2021, drawn to Celo as a real and authentic store of value meeting the needs of people globally at a time where financial access and stability had never been more important.

“Web3 is eating web2. We’re still early, but it’s happening. The Celo Foundation is supporting founders who are building for that present / future. With a lens on prosperity for all, the Foundation is supporting founders working on gaming, NFTs, lending, you name it. The features of the Celo protocol — namely speed & cost — will enable founders to build products that lower the barrier to entry for the next billion users to enter web3.”

Over the next three years we envision the Board to have nine Board members, with six seats filled with longer, uncapped terms and three seats filled on staggered, three-year terms. This model allows for longevity of thought and strategy while encouraging adaptability to shorter-term trends and changes in the ecosystem. With the current board having grown to 6 members, our goal is to add one additional board member by early 2022.

Phase 1 — Community Nomination Phase — by October 25, 2021

We’d like to invite all members of the Celo community to nominate candidates through this simple five question form. Please share what unique purpose your nominee could bring to the Celo Foundation Board. Self-nominations welcomed.

Phase 2 — Interviews & Invitation to Join the Board — by early 2022

The current Board will compile a short-list and set up comprehensive interviews with the shortlisted candidates and will invite the selected candidate to join the Board. After which, the new Board member will be announced publicly.

Board members will support the Foundation in a variety of ways including engagement on strategy and oversight, attending quarterly and other scheduled Board meetings, and serving on committees.

To fulfill the Foundation’s mission in an ethical and responsible manner, we envision a Board that is a reflection of the global Celo ecosystem with a multitude of geographies, communities, and professional backgrounds.

Skills and experience we value:

  • Successful private sector operators with a focus on building better financial and economic infrastructure or those who have been actively advancing policy in the public sector
  • Depth of experience leading large and scaling organizations
  • A global perspective with experience working in multiple international markets, particularly in Latin America, Africa & Middle East and Southeast Asia
  • An interest or expertise in blockchain technology

While we invite candidates to share their interest publicly if they wish to do so, however out of respect for the privacy of the nominees, the Celo Foundation and members participating in the selection process will not publicly share candidate names until such candidates are selected for, and accept, a Board seat.

Thank you for your participation in building the leadership for the Celo Foundation.

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